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What's the Silver Lining?

Today, I took a bit of time to reflect and prepare for the upcoming days. Made it through almost 4 weeks being laid off. Time has been flying by and I have been finding ways to occupy myself and remain productive. I’ve been trying to take a step back from COVID-19 news and not let it consume me daily. I could only imagine you’ve been feeling the same way, nauseous, chest tightening or even head aches, getting all worked up over the “what ifs”, or the assumptions like it’s the end of the world. I have been trying to grasp onto any positives I can and seek some kind of silver lining out of this pandemic, so far. Fortunately, I have been able to focus on small tasks around my recent book release that has been giving me some kind of motivation and something to look forward to. Trying new activities like yoga, or even trying to not feel guilty, of doing absolutely nothing (no, this is not a vacation). After living such a fast-paced life, to be forced to slow down, I feel like I already have been taking a few positives out of this new situation we are facing, which has been a reminder to hold onto hope and there will be a silver lining.

1) I feel like myself and others, have gained a greater and deeper appreciation for essential workers and have a deeper understanding of what the word ‘essential’ really means. I was given an opportunity to go back to work at a hospital during this time of being laid off, however after much debating and having to be realistic with myself, I had to turn it down. The ‘helper’ in me, so badly wants to help and be of service to ‘save the world’. I felt like I failed, but I had to give myself a reality check that it is okay to say ‘no’ and look out for me, among other reasons that did not allow me to fulfill that role at this time. Those who are working at this time are the real MVP’s. Thank you for what you do!

2) I also realize how important community is. Seeing random acts of kindness, or even how we maybe shift our gears and realize how important it is to support local businesses. Communities are becoming so strong and resilient, as one. I sure hope it remains that way. I love all of the talent that is shining through with all of the community concerts, care-packages being dropped off to those in need, or being an extra hand for an elderly neighbour with getting them groceries.

3) Finding new ways to connect with friends and family. It really pushes us all to problem solve and be creative. Nothing beats seeing them face to face, but I realize, where I thought it is impossible, I can make it through. I can make sacrifices to ensure everyone is healthy and safe. I’d rather see everyone alive and healthy at the end of this, rather than putting others at risk and possibly having to bury someone you love over a quick visit that really could have waited. I realize with the fast-paced life I live, in the past I have hurried so many visits, I may not have been fully present, or maybe I assumed there will always be a ‘next time’. Moving forward, I will make my interactions more meaningful. I will not let the outside noise dictate my length of visit. I will not take for granted the time we have together. Maybe for some people it is important to mend some relationships or lift grudges.

4) We can do things that seem impossible. We can be selfless. We can make sacrifices. We can work together and pull through. Instead of all of the materialistic things, maybe this will open our eyes to seeing what truly matters and what we may have been taking for granted. Our health, our love, our mental well-being. Could you imagine, when we get through this pandemic together, what else we can tackle together?

5) Lastly, I realize I may speak on the pandemic as a ‘challenging time’. However, speaking the word ‘challenging’ only makes it a bit more frightening and unnerving. Moving forward, I will try referring to it as simply a ‘new situation’. Give it a try! By removing the word ‘challenging’ it may create it to be an opportunity that it is a bit easier to approach and work through. It can change our perspective on being a bit more optimistic.

What have you learned so far about yourself or others during this new situation? What brings you peace and positivity during this time? What’s something you are most proud of?

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