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Michele Walker, Creator of Choiceworks & Choiceworks Calendar Apps

Great addition to your 'calming toolbox' for kids. Creative way of explaining life's up and downs to kids. Helpful suggestions for life's roadblocks, curveballs, and green lights! Teaches self--regulation techniques and self-control.


Natalia Paruzel-Gibson, Author

A wise bird, an approachable analogy that’s bound to capture budding young minds, and accessible language carefully crafted to the methodically mapped out pace of the story arc - simply brilliant! An important addition to your child’s bookshelf; ideal for family read aloud time to help calm adults, too!


JLW, Author

Empowering and fun. Engaging with lots of interactive, relatable messages and bright colourful illustrations that jump off the page, all combine to entertain. I especially love the 'Personal Space Zone'.


Yong Kim, Edward Jones

I bought the book "Buckle Up' to read with my grandson who normally can't sit still in one spot. He is used to running around the room, and even can't lie still before going to bed. With the colourful illustration and being able to follow along with the story, he lay still beside me as I read the book. At every moment when the instruction was to take a deep breath, he would turn to me and blow on my face which allowed us to laugh and interact together. This book has now become our regular book to read before bedtime!


Children's Bookshelf

This is a really interesting concept for a book. In the hands of the right teacher or parent I think it can do wonders. Basically it takes the reader on a driving lesson en route to the park. Of course it’s much deeper than that... along the journey different things come up like bad weather or bumps in the road etc. Really a super creative way of teaching self control, and emotional and situational awareness. It also offers some excellent mantras throughout the book that I really like. It’s definitely a read aloud and can for sure be an amazing opener for some important conversations about behavior.


Leah Kuypers, MA Ed., OTR/L

Creator and Author of The Zones of Regulation

An imaginative adventure which puts the reader in the driver's seat as they navigate through the bumps in the road. 

Playful and engaging, Buckle Up takes readers on a journey to reinforce regulation and coping skills as they take control of the wheel.


Alison Paul Klakowicz,


Podcast and Blog

Stephanie Scott has written a lovely book to teach children valuable lessons in self-control. In times such as now during the era of #socialdistancing, life can present all types of new challenges which are completely out of our control. Scott’s debut, Buckle Up: A Children’s Imaginary Journey About Self-Control provides kids and their parents the tools they need to master the bumpy road ahead. 

Click here to read the full review.


Melanie Braga,

Momma Braga


Buckle Up is a children’s story that can be used as a tool to help navigate a child’s emotions. We all know how difficult it can be to express how we are feeling and at times how to express it. This book is perfect to help children navigate their own feelings so they can better understand and cope with them.

Click here to read the full review.


Gilbert-Ian Rueda,

Educator and Literacy Advocate

The book exceeded my expectations. This reminds us that sometimes, we need to change our speed or slow things down until we regain control of a situation in better, safer, helpful and more positive ways. Sometimes, it takes time to find ways to improve.

Click here to watch his read aloud and review on YouTube!


Janet Arnold, Author and

Behavioural Consultant

Self-regulation and self-control are not only important, they are essential! These skills help us manage our behaviour in several ways. They are our bodies ability to manage our energy, emotions, thoughts and behaviours in an acceptable way. Self regulation can tell us how excited, relaxed, alarmed or safe we feel. Self-control is necessary for regulating one's behavior in order to achieve specific goals. For some children, the ability to deal with stress and challenges can be difficult and they end up not controlling their behaviour and emotions well. This book, Buckle Up by Stephanie Scott, helps children understand the concept of self-control in a creative and interactive way.


All Booked Up Now,

PNW Homeschooler &

 Book Reviewer

Add this one to your must buy list because I’m positive you will love this book for your children (and a great reminder for us adults!). This book is a children’s imaginary journey about self-control. The author has cleverly used driving as a means for children to understand life. Sometimes we’ll have to make unexpected stops, the weather is unpredictable, there are beautiful views along the way, and so much more. What an interesting way to see how our lives parallel to driving to a destination! Along the way, the author gives us great reminders to stay calm and slow down, among others. I really, really enjoyed reading this with my son! It’s definitely a must have book, if you ask me!

“Let’s navigate through these roads together, keeping in mind that you always have control of the steering wheel.” “But you can handle them.” “Take a deep breath and let’s keep going.” “I am patient. I can wait.” “Now, let’s choose the most positive and helpful option.”  


Kimberly King, Author

This book was a refreshing surprise! It wasn’t exactly about just safety... it was more!
The author (Stephanie) gently leads the reader through an imaginative series of life lessons by using kid-friendly, familiar terms.
We learn about the bumps and twists in the road, how we need to buckle up, and sometimes hold on... and other times... let things go!
Because like driving, and life, we will always experience the unexpected. Life can throw all sorts of unexpected bumps in the road!

❤️ learning how to handle them in a calm manner with grace and ease is the point of this darling book.

Teaching our kids how to handle the challenges of life and teaching them to manage their emotions is a great gift!

The buckle up, driving, and safety metaphors really work here and keep kids interested!
And- the message translates to parents and even teens!

I love the bright illustrations and cheerful tone of this book.


Jen, Professional Organizer

I have a 4 year old with HF ASD and she can be quite a handful. (That's an understatement.) She's VERY active and never stops.
She literally rocks back and forth and sings full on songs all day. I love her to death, but her screams can drain me! She will scream at the top of her lungs when something isn't how she needs it to be & is constantly throwing tantrums.
I learned so much about parenting just from this one child alone lol (my other 3 kids never had behavioral issues so this is pretty new to me.) Buckle up is a great addition to our bookshelf and especially great for people who have children living with asd, children that have been negatively affected by covid (meaning that they have been demonstrating an increase of challenging behaviors, poor decision making, or negative talk) or for any child.
This book will help children learn about self-control, emotional regulation, and situational awareness in a fun and interactive way.


The Momma Spot, Blogger

Life can be challenging at times, and unpredictable, with ups and downs and all sorts of things we can't control. It's like driving a car on a bumpy road. We can't wish the bumps away. We can't control who travels those roads with us, or make the sun shine on our journey if it's a rainy day. But we can control how we feel about it. We can let it make us angry or sad or scared, or we can stay calm, accept the challenges, and make good decisions.

That's what this story is all about. With Nini the bird as your special guide, you will take a driving journey in your imagination, a road trip in your mind, with you in the driver's seat. You'll learn how to face life's obstacles and disappointments with healthy, positive "green thoughts", and wait patiently for the rainbow that will surely follow the rain....

We love this book! As your child drives through the book, they are also learning valuable life lessons. All children need to know that there's always gonna be bumps, distractions and detours in the road ahead, but with slowing down and taking your time you'll make it there in one piece. Great story with cute illustrations. Take your kids for a drive!


Vivie Reads, Book Reviewer

An imaginary ride to a scenic destination, and how to handle the bumps, fog and detours along the way, is what this book read is all about.

In this book, the author Stephanie Scott encourages the child, who is taking the imaginary ride, to stay calm and composed throughout the journey.

This drive, can be related to the metaphor called life, where we face many obstacles and challenges along our way. The author advises us repeatedly, to handle such moments with a calm mind and green thoughts, meaning positive thoughts.

She also assures us in this book, that there is light at the end of the tunnel and challenges are not permanent, by showing that the child / driver visualizes a double rainbow towards the end of the beautiful journey.

It's a must read for all kids above 4+ and a very thought provoking book with a positive vibe.


Hire and Fire Your Kids!

I’ve been reading this wonderful little book with my 6 year old. Even my 13 year old has sat in on a few readings to take a listen. Great book to help kids understand the concept of self control and positive thinking.
A bookshelf staple!


Once Upon a Mat

As an educator this is a must have book for your classroom! I love how it ties in the Ontario curriculum and teaches kids about self- regulation. The extension activities are such a great addition to the book!

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