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(Child and Youth Counsellor)

"Stephanie is a great counsellor. She is always there for my son when he needed her the most, and has been very helpful. She is working with my son since couple of years. She is incredibly supportive and easy to open up to. Stephanie really helped my son how to have confidence to make better choices in social settings like school. She is always calm and patient. She offered many tools and strategies to my son helped with his anger and behaviour issues. She is really important to my child’s mental health. She always follow up with me through emails and messages. She also chats with my son on phone and listens to him very patiently and knows how to help him. I have noticed so many changes in my son since I started therapy with Stephanie. I look forward to much more time with her, helping my son learn and exceeds his goals. She is truly a blessing for my family. I am really grateful to her." -Saima

"As a family we’re blessed to have  been introduced to Stephanie.  She is a warm hearted and gentle soul who instantly developed a positive bond with my son.  She has a special connection with kids, is positive, re-affirming and really listens to them.  My son absolutely adores Stephanie and she's been a fabulous sounding block for him, helping him to express himself and develop many tools to assist in life.  She also takes the time with us as parents to help us understand how our son is thinking or feeling, and what we can do as a family to make positive changes.  We very much appreciate that Stephanie makes the extra effort to provide us with useful resources and mediates between kids and parents.  We also have her book, "Buckle Up" which is a smart and fun way to teach self control.  It's engaging for kids, light hearted yet has such a good message.  It makes it really easy to start conversations with kids about choices and control."-Sherry W

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