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Schedule A Virtual Book Reading by Stephanie


Any School or Daycare that

purchases 10+ books

will get a FREE one hour visit from the Author


Would you like a

When we learn, we grow - so let’s learn and grow together! Learn a variety of strategies for assisting children and youth with social and emotional regulation skills. This is a great opportunity for parents and educators to see first hand how a certified Child and Youth Counsellor can benefit a child's growth and development.

  • Author introduction

  • "Buckle Up" book reading

  • "Brain Break" where we will practice using  emotional regulation skills in a group setting

  • Question and answers

  • Colouring pages, bookmarks, and sensory items will be provided for each participant (in person visits)

The duration of each virtual visit is scheduled based on the age and nature of the group. Sessions last from 30-minutes to 1-hour.

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