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I'm Published!

Never have I ever thought that I would be here today - a published Canadian Children’s Book Author with FriesenPress. I always thought that it would be a fun and creative project to put together in my piles of notebooks, but didn’t think I would ever see it become a reality, nor did I ever think I would have something to share with the world as I never have been strong with writing. This has been quite a long journey, and for that I'm very grateful.

It all began a handful of years ago with me jotting down ideas in a notebook and I slowly began piecing it all together. Then, one day, I started entertaining that idea that I would love to put a children’s book out, but found myself quite discouraged and overwhelmed. "How can I afford this? I'm no author. How could I ever get this in the hands of children across the world? I don't have time for this." After sharing my dilemma, I realized, I just had to take that leap and jump right in. Make it happen. Just put down the walls, break any barriers and just make it happen. It definitely can be quite a long process, but a process that was well worth the wait, the time, the effort. I never knew I would be able to learn so much during such a short period of time from November 2019 up until February 2020. It was only recently that I was able to realize my potential, and it's so empowering!

With the help of my team of editors, illustrators, and publishers, they were able to fully execute it and make it a reality. Whether or not I become a best seller, or earn back the money I invested in this process, I realize that it does not matter. I overcame something that I never thought I could actually do, especially by the time I turned 30, in 2019. It was one of those moments where you realize it is a big risk to take, there’s a lot of unknown, but the process with FriesenPress helped me realize what’s most valuable - the fact that I am able to create a resource from scratch that can be accessed by individuals all over the world. A resource that anyone can tap into and benefit from. In a world that can be so cruel and so stressful, I found myself so eager to be able to provide something especially for children, who can be so fragile and vulnerable, where they can obtain and apply these skills from my books and be a bit more ready to enter the real world.

I looked at this process as my contribution to the world and an effort to make this world a bit more of a better place, which in my mind will be achieved whether it reaches 5 or 500 children. I hope to foster an atmosphere where children are able to feel brave, fearless, empowered, and in-control; where they take more responsibility for their actions, learn that it is okay to lean on other’s for support, and can hopefully model that to others. I want to encourage others to create more awareness; accept their own emotions and understand the impact it may have on themselves and others.

Growing up, my great uncle had Down Syndrome. I remember visiting him, and he would always make me laugh by chasing me around and grabbing at my feet to tickle them. I learned to appreciate the little things in life, and how sometimes small things can bring out he biggest laugh or create the warmest smile on someone’s face. He will forever leave a trace in my life, and he's inspired me to want to do the same for others. Creating more opportunities to let go of the stresses, bask in the moment, and enjoy even the smallest of blessings.

"When we learn, we grow - so let's learn and grow together!"

- Stephanie

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