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I'm Stephanie! As a Child & Youth Counsellor and Canadian Children's Book Author, I hope to inspire families and educators by providing resources on childhood growth and development to help children overcome various emotional, social and behavioural challenges.

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Available NOW!
Book #2

February 2023


Book A Reading

This is a great opportunity for parents and educators to see first hand how a certified Child and Youth Counsellor can benefit a child's growth and development.


Buy "Buckle Up" and "Tools to Cool"

In "Buckle Up", Nini the bird guides readers through an interactive and imaginary journey, encouraging them to face life's obstacles with positive thinking.

"Tools to Cool" creates opportunity for readers to enrich their reading and learning experience by exploring coping skills they may use while at school, home or even out in the community. This book will inspire readers to communicate their feelings, learn new coping tools, and overcome challenges in a fun-filled way while building their emotional intelligence. The adventures within are best for ages 5-10.

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Free Resources

Available Now!

Free printables for children, educators and families, about emotional regulation, feelings and social skills. Great for in-home discussions and classroom management. Complimentary activity sheets for 'Buckle Up: A Children's Imaginary Journey about Self-Control'.


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